Corporate Info

MDJM LTD was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on January 26, 2018. We conduct our business, as an emerging, integrated real estate services company in China, through our variable interest entity which we control via contractual arrangements, Tianjin Mingda Jiahe Real Estate Co. Ltd. (“Tianjin Mingda”). Tianjin Mingda was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Tianjin, China.

Our real estate agency services offerings include providing primary agency services to residential real estate developers at any stages of the development and sale of a residential real estate project. 

In addition to the traditional agency services, we provide real estate consulting services, including integrated marketing planning; advertising planning and strategy; and sales planning strategy. 

For our independent training services, we may be engaged by existing or prior real estate developer clients to provide independent third-party training services to the primary agency sales agents the developers have engaged. We started a pilot project in 2016 for this service offering and expect to begin generating revenue in the near future.

Currently, our primary market is in the Tianjin Autonomous Municipality. Since 2014, we have expanded our market presence to other first and second tier cities in China including Chengdu of Sichuan province, and Suzhou and Yangzhou of Jiangsu province. As of December 31, 2018, we have 145 employees, including 100 sales professionals serving in all of our four local markets.